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26 Sep 2018

Spotting the Signs of Tooth Decay


Tooth decay is one of the most common tooth related problems. Tooth decay affects people of all ages and also known as ‘dental caries’. Here are some of the facts and signs which you should know if you or your child is suffering from tooth cavities.

What is tooth decay or tooth cavity?
When bacteria is formed in the mouth infect the tooth, it results into tooth cavity or tooth decay.

What causes tooth cavities?
Cavities in your teeth can be caused due to various reasons:

  • Having sweets too frequently.
  • Having sticking snacks like chips and biscuits
  • Lack of fibrous foods like vegetables and fruits
  • Irregular brushing habits
  • Not maintaining adequate oral hygiene.

Can tooth cavities occur in children?
Cavities are one of the most common dental problems that children have. Children have higher chances of developing tooth decay because of continuous snacking and not rinsing the mouth after eating. fg.

What are the signs and symptoms of cavities?
You should consult your dentist if you experience any of the following sings:

  • Blackening of teeth
  • Tooth pain
  • Food lodgement in teeth
  • Visible tooth cavity

What is the treatment for tooth decay?
The treatment of the cavity will depend on the severity of tooth decay
– For small cavities:
If the cavity is small, it is filled by a tooth-colored material called composite.
– For larger cavities:
If the cavity is large, the dentist will first take an x-ray and then decide the proper treatment. If the cavity is deep and painful the dentist may perform a root canal treatment or dental extraction procedure.
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Can tooth decay be prevented?
Yes. Tooth decay can be prevented if you take adequate care of your teeth. Brushing twice a day with a toothpaste containing fluoride, cutting down on snacking between meals, having fibrous foods and visiting your dentist regularly can help prevent tooth decay.