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20 Mar 2019

Signs Indicating that we need to have a Dental Check-up

The mouth and teeth are an integral part of the body’s health, and preserving them is an important step towards maintaining your health.

Pain in teeth is a common reason people visit a dentist for. However, there are various other signs and symptoms that can indicate oral disease. Let’s find out about them!

Here are 8 signs that tell you to get a dental check-up….

  1. Tooth pain

It is the commonest reason for visiting a dentist. Pain can be due to a decayed tooth or infection. Tooth pain is the second most severe pain in our body and compels you to visit your dentist.

  • Bleeding gums

Bleeding from gums after brushing or flossing can be the initial sign of gum disease (gingivitis) and can progress to a more severe form with swollen painful gums. In the initial stages the condition is easily reversible with a simple treatment like tooth cleaning.

  • Receding gums

About 85% of people aged 50 years and above start experiencing gum recession.  This is due to aging and is referred to as physiologic gum recessions. However, in some cases gum recession can be severe and aggressive, which can be due to gum disease that is known as periodontitis. It is best to seek treatment for it, as it can lead to early tooth mobility or even loss of your teeth

  • Sores

Common sores like ulcers can clear up with a span of 15 days with the help of nutrient rich diet, but other oral lesions like fungal infections, white or red patches need to be diagnosed and treated. So, if you are having any painless or painful lesions, or areas giving you a burning sensation in your mouth, a through dental check-up is called for.

  • Pain in your jaws

Many people experience a clicking sound while opening and closing the mouth. This may often lead to severe pain while opening the mouth. It is important to visit the dentist when experiencing this form of pain. These signs can indicate joint dysfunctions that  need correction. Your dentist may perform some diagnostic tests before recommending a treatment plan.

  • Swellings

Swelling can be related to an infection, a cyst or tumour. When infected, they can be painful, otherwise they are painless. In any case, it is best to get any growth in and around your mouth checked by a dentist in order to rule out illness.

  • Tooth decay

Tooth decay can lead to cavities, food lodgement in teeth or black discolouration of teeth. If tooth decay is diagnosed and intercepted at an early stage, it can be corrected with simple fillings. Severe tooth decay can be treated with the help of root canal treatment.

  • Mobile teeth

Mobile teeth can be caused by poor gum condition and cause difficulty in chewing food. If teeth are very mobile, they need replacement so that one can bite and chew easily. If mobile teeth are kept is the jaw for a long period of time, chances of infection and loss of bone increase.

Why should you visit your dentist regularly?

Dentists advise a dental check-up every 6 months. The main reason for this is to identify any dental diseases as soon as possible and get them treated. Moreover, dental decay is irreversible and it is best to intercept it at the earliest. This not only reduces your treatment cost and dental visits, but also keeps your teeth healthy.

The benefit from regular dental check ups is too great to risk. So plan your dental check-up today!

If you are thinking of getting a regular dental check-up done, consult with Tacoma Dental Group for a personalized experience, specific to your dental condition. It is a family dental clinic in Tacoma, which has been serving the people of all ages for over 45 years. Preserve your natural smile by exploring the best dental treatments and solutions.

For more information on problems related to teeth and treatments, consult Dr. Ron Lo at (253)-383-1551 or visit  https://tacomadentalgroup.com/ for more information.