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    It is a common concern among people to find the right dentist, especially when you have moved to a new place or are not satisfied with your current dental care provider. You may also be worried about knowing a good dentist if you are planning your first dental visit. There may be many dentists around, but how do you shortlist them to find the best one? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when finding a dentist that fits your needs. Dental office  Location    A dental office close to your residence or workplace is something to consider primarily. Most people prefer it as it is more accessible and most patients require multiple dental treatment visits. People often find it easier to schedule appointments before going to work, during lunch, or when heading home after work. Make it a priority to search for dentists in the vicinity and make a list of your top choices. Website Most dentists have a website with information about their office and services, along with pictures, hours, policies, philosophy and background information. Look for the following things in the checklist: Is the clinic location accessible and do the office hours suit you? What are various treatments carried out? What is the payment policy? Also check if the dentist accepts your insurance plan. If you can’t find answers to these questions online, call the office and speak with the office manager. Reviews  Check online reviews for the dentists on your list. Also, read the comments posted by patients. Ask your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers or doctor for feedback about the dentists. Plan a visit Identify your top choices and stop by their offices. Is the office clean and organized? Do the dental professionals wear gloves, masks and other protective apparel? Are the dentist and team members friendly and helpful? Look around to ensure that you’ll feel comfortable. Friendly and Approachable Personality  Visiting the dentist can be a positive experience when your dentist is warm, welcoming, and personable. A dentist who has a friendly personality can be beneficial – especially if you have any type of dental anxiety. Personalized Treatment Plan One dental procedure does not fit all! In other words, everyone is unique and deserves individualized care and a personalized treatment plan. Modern Dental Technology While dentistry is entirely possible in a dental office with older technology, today’s state-of-the-art dental technology can help make your appointments quicker and easier. Emergency and Same-Day Appointments  No matter how well you take care of your teeth, dental emergencies can happen. If you choose a dentist who welcomes last-minute appointments, you’ll know exactly who to call if an emergency arises. Dental Insurance and Payment Plans Finding a dentist that is accepts several dental insurance plans is ideal. Also, a dentist who welcomes flexible payment plans can help make it easier to pay for high-quality dental care. Tacoma Dental group is the perfect place to get your dental treatment. Here’s why… Tacoma Dental group is a practice which has been serving people for over 45 years. It has a team of highly skilled and experienced dentists who are experts in diagnosis and treatment planning. Our team offers a complete dental treatment plan that accommodates your needs. We believe that every patient is different, so our treatment plans are tailor-made, taking into consideration the patients’ needs, finances and age. We practice family dentistry, which helps patients of every age receive the highest quality dental treatment. Various treatments like tooth fillings, preventive procedures, extractions, crowns & bridges, dental implants, dentures and many others are carried out under our family dentistry. We also provide the best and most advanced cosmetic treatments to our patients and we accept dental payments through most insurance plans. Our team is led by Dr. Roland Lo, who will provide you with the best suited treatment options for your oral health. If you are thinking of getting a regular dental check-up done, consult with the Tacoma Dental Group for a personalized experience, specific to your dental condition. Preserve your natural smile by availing the best dental solutions. Consult Dr. Ron Lo of Tacoma Dental Group at (253)-383-1551 or visit  https://tacomadentalgroup.com/ for more information.

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